OUR STRYKER™ STEEL SERIES are the most durable hammers in the world today. Incorporating spring steel technology makes our reinforced rubber handles unbreakable. Our innovative locking plate design & unique bonding process ensures the head will never separate from the handle.
Made in South Africa

The Original Rubber Handle
With over 6 million units sold worldwide, this is the hammer that all others try to imitate.

  • DROP FORGED STEEL HEAD Our high visibility steel heads conform to ANSI, BS876 & ISO 15601 specifications and the faces are induction hardened to 50-58 HRC with a superior grain structure for extended life.
  • POSITIVE LOCKING PLATE The innovative locking plate design and unique bonding process ensures that our heads will never separate from the handle.
  • HIGH TENSILE STEEL RODS The handle consists of high tensile spring steel rods, which are molded in a very strong and abrasive-resistant rubber making it unbreakable with superior durability.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY RUBBER The abrasive-resistant rubber is injected all the way into the eye of the hammer. The rubber in the eye inhibits the transfer of shock into the handle, reducing fatigue and the risk of injury.
  • ERGONOMIC SHAPE The handle is shaped to provide a comfortable and secure grip in both wet and dry conditions. Making it the ultimate in safety and reliability.
  • THICKENED BOSS Further protects from countless overstrikes.
  • STEEL REINFORCED LANYARD HOLE Safely secures the hammer to wrist or stationary object.
  • WARRANTY Please review our warranty.

Tested to over 36,000 strikes without failure.
"Pound for Pound, the World's Strongest Hammer"