OUR BRASS HAMMERS are the most durable hammers we offer and should always be used in place of steel hammers in any metal application. Our non-marring soft brass head helps absorb impact and helps reduce or eliminates work damage.
  Made in the USA
  • NON-SPARKING BRASS HEAD For safe use near combustible materials.
  • NON-MARRING BRASS HEAD Helps absorb impact and helps reduce work damage where surface protection is critical.
  • DOUBLE FACED BRASS HEAD Cast barrel shaped head offers maximum striking surface while enhancing balance.
  • WOOD HANDLES Our Tennessee grade-A hickory handles are specially tapered, fire finished, with a tough urethane coating applied, providing better durability and UV protection. They have a textured handle providing a non-slip grip while striking.
  • FIBERGLASS HANDLES Our fiberglass handles are high visibility yellow in color and are ergonomically designed to help prevent injury from repeated use. Cushion grips provide a non-slip grip and maximum comfort while striking. Shoulder protector design prevents breaking during overstrikes.
  • BRASS WEDGES The ABC brass wedge permanently secures the head to the handle and eliminates the spark danger associated with steel wedges used in other hammers.
  • WARRANTY Please review our warranty.