Handle Options


Our Tennessee hickory handles are specially tapered, fire finished, with a tough urethane coating applied, providing better durability and UV protection than our competitors. In addition, all ABC wood handles have a non-slip safety grip. This handle assembly provides superb balance and shock absorption which greatly enhances control while reducing fatigue.


Our fiberglass handles are high visibility yellow in color with an imprinted message for safety and cushion grips to provide better grip and comfort. It is made with state-of-the-art technology that is stronger than our competitors and will not splinter, crack or weather. They are commonly used for rugged professional jobs in the most demanding industrial and commercial applications.

What is different about ABC Hammer wedges?

Custom-built presses secure the hammerhead to the handle using our specially engineered brass wedges unique to our hammers. The ABC brass wedge not only permanently secures the head to the handle, but eliminates the spark danger associated with steel wedges used in other hammers.