About Us

ABC Hammers, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of the highest quality, non-marring, non-sparking, non-magnetic and non-corrosive striking tools. We have been a family owned company for over 50 years.

The original ABC Brass Hammers were developed by the parent companies, ABC Foundry and American Precision Castings. These hammers were carefully designed to provide superb balance, comfort and control for use in their foundry, pattern making, machining and tooling operations. Over the years, through exposure to customers, suppliers, industry trade associations and word-of-mouth, a market developed for the hammers. This growing demand led to the formation of ABC Hammers, Inc. As the market for ABC Hammers increased, so did the demand for industry-specific shapes, designs, sizes, weights and alloys. From construction sites to auto and body shops, and from manufacturing to mines and oil rigs, the ABC hammer is used in any high risk area where a spark can create a disaster or where the user does not want to mar or damage the striking surface.

All components of ABC Hammers are made in the USA. And because ABC Hammers, Inc. is the manufacturer, it also has the ability to customize and personalize hammers to meet customer’s specifications. Whether it’s custom colors, corporate logos, specific head design or special alloys, ABC Hammers, Inc. is the choice when purchasing or designing a non-marring, non-sparking hammer.

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