• Our Brass Hammers are our most durable non-marring, non-sparking hammers we offer and should always be used in place of steel hammers in any metal working application.
  • Our non-sparking, non-marring Bronze/Copper line is the softest face hammer we offer, making them uniquely designed for use when surface protection is most critical.
  • Our Stryker line of steel hammers are tested to over 36,000 strikes without failure, making them “Pound for Pound, the World’s Strongest Hammer”.

    Made in South Africa

  • Our Dead Blow Hammers are engineered to perform better and outlast other plastic type hammers by 10-20 times, setting a new standard for soft face performance.
Pound for pound, the world's greatest hammers.

ABC HAMMERS are proudly made in the USA and have set the quality standard for over 50 years. The hammers are used for all non-marring and non-sparking applications, and are available in brass and bronze. In addition to its standard line of hammers, ABC Hammers, Inc. also manufactures dead blow and soft face hammers as well as custom hammers to meet specific needs of its OEM customers... READ MORE